Thank You to All Tradesmen Because Today is National Tradesmen Day

Today is National Tradesmen Day thanks to Irwin Tools and their appreciation for all the plumbers, electricians, sheet metal fabricators and anyone who uses their hands for a living. So today make sure you give an extra thank you to whomever is working on your house or business, helping to keep the lights on, water running and the heat on in the winter. Today is their day and they deserve it because they work hard and do the best they can for you and I on a daily basis.

As tradesmen here at K & E Sheet Metal we are happy to be recognized for work we love doing on a daily basis. The satisfaction from finishing a job to the best of our ability and making customers happy is why we love our jobs. To now have a day for all tradesman who do exactly that is a great thing and we would like to thank Irwin Tools for creating this day.

From Irwin message about National Tradesmen Day:

There's a day to honor administrative assistants, a day to recognize bosses, and even a day to champion teachers. But what about those folks who show up at your house when the toilet is overflowing, or the A/C quit and it's 100 degrees outside, or the rain is pouring through the kitchen ceiling? When we do say 'thanks' to the tradesmen who build America and keep it running?

The answer: today. September 16th. National Tradesmen Day. It's a new initiative to honor America's tradesmen. And everyone can participate.

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