Custom sheet metal fabrication to fit your budget

Made-to-order sheet metal fabrication and metal plasma cutting services for residential HVAC applications and more. We are a small father and son company, filling a niche in the sheet metal fabrication industry. No job is too small.

Quality, Tailor-made, Affordable Sheet Metal Fabrication

With the addition of our new CNC plasma table, we can fabricate your order with percision and in half the time. Let our over 20 years of experience be your guide to custom duct that fits  >> Contact Us For More Information

Our sheet metal fabrication expertise:

  • Residential, rectangular trunk duct
  • Custom HVAC sheet metal fittings
  • Light Commercial trunk duct and fittings
  • 26, 24 and 22 gauge galvanized fabrication
  • Sheet metal cutting, shearing services
  • Plasma cutting with 1" thick maximum piercing capabilities

Click Here to see some photos of our custom sheet metal fabrication


Local Clients

Northern Mechanical Service, Inc.

Northern Mechanical Service, Inc.

 Simon's Heating & Cooling  

And many more!