KESH echo #2: Me, Myself and I

Saturday in the shop all by myself


Loud tunes. My dog. Work to do. Nothing like some alone time with my tools.  

Accomplished today.  

  1. Custom flashing for Mahoney Alarms
  2. Plenum and flex connector for Simon's Heating & Cooling.  
  3. Maintenance on a used box & pan brake I picked up for $200. Big fan! 
  4. Custom drain pans for Cerrone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
  5. Everyone's favorite. Paperwork.  


Top tunes for the day: 

  1. Black Honey
  2. The Arcs
  3. The Kooks


The week ahead looks extremely busy. Possible I will be in the shop tomorrow morning to get some things in order. 


Get tin it done!

Possible new catchphrase


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KESM echo #1: Time to Make Things Count

Day 1 of the K & E Sheet Metal (KESM) echo. Why? Sticking to what the website is about. Our company, the day to day, learning, teaching and hopefully a little joy. Time to make this thing count.

Which leads me to the numbering. I am BIG Aaron James Draplin fan. If you don't know then educate. You won't be sorry.

Mr. Draplin numbers his tweets so they all have a special meaning. He wants to make them count. I won't be going complete plagiarist but, I will be numbering the company posts here to make them count.

From The Globe and Mail:

It’s unsurprising that Draplin numbers every tweet to assure that each one has a special meaning; he is a person who takes care of every little detail. That’s also why his Field Notes notebooks are so popular: Their meticulous details make their owners want to be equally meticulous.

Everything about this company is special. Time to stop taking it for granted.  


Sticking with the theme above I will be nixing the CEO blog starting tonight. You can check out my personal blog if you like. Much appreciated. Will probably cross post a lot of stuff. I want to keep a personality to this blog as well. 


Writing Tunes: 

The Black Keys - Rubber Factory

Oh, the lengths I will go. I enjoy the archives and his style of documenting company/life movement. Inspiring. This may look similar. All of the best music is a tribute to what came before. We emulate. We learn from the greats.

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Sometimes Important Business Tasks Can Get Overlooked

Many times a small business will overlook something important. With us, one of those extremely important things has been customer retention. Don't get me wrong, our work speaks for itself and many of our customers have been coming back for years. The retention I'm talking about are those fringe individuals or companies we neglected because we were either, too busy or too lazy to take the time and keep up relations. The customer came in for a minor piece of fabrication and we let them get pushed to the bottom of the pile, assuming they would never come back anyway. However, those are the customers who may give your name to a friend or family member, making them a powerful resource to keep communicating with.

Earlier this week I received a call from a company called Intuit Demandforce. We have used Quickbooks for invoicing, so getting a call from a company in the Intuit family is not out of the ordinary. Most of these calls I will greet and pass on because they are just an introduction to get you in the door, nothing more. Yet, this one seemed a little different. I got the sense they really wanted to show me what the service could offer, I wasn't feeling sold to. Could be a testament to the sales person on the end of the line but, I felt the risk was worth it and agreed to a web share about the Demand Force service.

From the Demandforce website:

Keeping up with all of the changes in technology and online services is hard, but you need to communicate and market like the big boys or your business won't survive. Demandforce is here to help.
We take an award winning communication portfolio, with easy to use <a>online reputation tools and our broad consumer network, to become the marketing team your business needs.

The web share went well and after seeing what Demandforce had to offer I decided to give them a shot. Our account went live today and I am very excited to see how the service will help business over the next month. I really like the people I have dealt with so far, giving me a personal experience you don't get with many online businesses. Everyone genuinely seemed to care about us succeeding with the program.

Updates to follow :)

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SaraSpa Rod & Gun Club Duct Fabrication

After installing the filter boxes and elbows shown in my previous post, it is now time to fabricate the next set of duct and transitions that will run up the wall. There are three total units and each will need a 90" drop. Below are the in-progress fittings lined up in a pretty little row.


Our next task is to cut and install the Ductmate Flange System on each section of duct for easy installation when we get to the jobsite.



We finished up a few 90 elbows with turning vanes for the job as well. Probably could have managed a better photo but I had to assist my helper uncle with that tub of screws :)...JK


SaraSpa Rod & Gun Club Duct Installation Photos

Here are a couple pics from our most recent duct installation at the SaraSpa Rod and Gun Club in Greenfield Center, NY.

Installation of the Exit Air Unit ductwork and filter cabinet.

Installation of the Exit Air Unit ductwork and filter cabinet.

Installation of Make-up Air Unit duct.

Installation of Make-up Air Unit duct.

The job has been progressing nicely with a lot of custom duct and fittings. Each section is fabricated with 24 gauge metal and secured together with the Ductmate Flanging System.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding finishing up the installtion and fabrication. I hope to get all the photos gathered together and share them after the project is completed. With our move to a new fabrication shop space and other jobs, time has been at a premium. We are finally getting back to a somewhat normal schedule.


Exciting New Developments at K & E Sheet Metal LLC

Some exciting things have been happening over the last few months here at K & E Sheet Metal. First off, as always, none of this would be possible without all the great customers and partners we have done business with over the years and for the new business to come.

Early in the year I decided to build on our ability to fabricate straight duct quicker, which would help us keep a small inventory of trunk duct on hand, making it easier to get materials out for customer orders. To do this I needed to add a few new pieces of equipment to help speed the process. Therefore, we have added a hydraulic 5-head notcher, 52" pneumatic shear, 60" pneumatic duct former, pneumatic cleat bender and take-off notcher. These machines along with our plasma table, which we added last year, will help to speed the process of custom and stock orders for clients.

Because of the purchase we needed to add space, so a few weeks ago we made the decision on moving the shop to the building behind the one we currently occupy. Therefore, our physical address will change from 22 Hudson Falls Road, Door# 3 to 22 Hudson Falls Road, Unit# 22 with shop entry at door# 26. Because the numbering of the building can get confusing I have added the door# 26 portion to help with direction. Over time this will be tweaked after we get settled.

My father and I are very excited about the new developments and hope everyone else will be too. Please bear with us for the next month or so as we get settled in to the new space. There may be some lag in time frame of order completeion but as always we will complete all orders ASAP. I'm sure there will be questions and you can direct them to Kevin via email at

Thanks for your patience, we appreciate all the business and hope to see you all soon at the new fabrication shop!! 

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