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SaraSpa Rod & Gun Club Duct Fabrication

After installing the filter boxes and elbows shown in my previous post, it is now time to fabricate the next set of duct and transitions that will run up the wall. There are three total units and each will need a 90" drop. Below are the in-progress fittings lined up in a pretty little row.


Our next task is to cut and install the Ductmate Flange System on each section of duct for easy installation when we get to the jobsite.



We finished up a few 90 elbows with turning vanes for the job as well. Probably could have managed a better photo but I had to assist my helper uncle with that tub of screws :)...JK


ISM Manufacturing September - Business Insider

ISM's monthly report on the American manufacturing sector is out. The headline index from the report unexpectedly rose to 56.2 from August's 55.7 reading. Economists predicted the index would fall to 55.0.

Any number above 50 indicates expansion while a sub-50 reading indicates contraction, so today's report suggests that the pace of expansion in American manufacturing accelerated last month...READ MORE

I try and keep an eye on how things are progressing in the manufacturing sector even though we are the tiniest of cogs in the wheel. Any information is good information in my opinion.  

The news also gave me a chance to try out the Squarespace "Post to Squarespace" button that can be used to post items such as the ISM manufacturing numbers to your blog quickly and easily. I don't hate it.


Source: American Manufacturing Is On A Roll (Business Insider)


New YouTube Video: Cold Air Boot Cutting Process

Our newest YouTube video showing the cutting process of our custom cold air boots. Our new CNC plasma machine has sliced our cut times in half helping to quicken the assembly process here in the fabrication shop.

The Mercy of Others

If you follow this blog or our Twitter feed you have heard about our little company purchasing a new CNC plasma table. The process has been exciting, especially since it's the first time in years the business has taken steps to move forward and grow. When last I updated the optimism was flying high and I expected the machine to be running sooner than later. Sadly, it's later and the plasma still sits gathering dust waiting for the final hookup. The waiting game continues for a step down transformer, exhaust fan and final electrical installation.

My hands are tied. Everything in my control is complete and for now I am at the mercy of others to get the ball rolling again. The last word I had was this week was looking good for receiving both the transformer and exhaust fan. Whether or not I hear the glorious beeping sounds of a truck in reverse will remain to be seen.

My optimism still reigns true, but the waiting game is growing tiresome.


Custom Secondary Drain Pan

Custom secondary drain pans are something we fabricate for many applications. This particular pan will be placed underneath a washing machine, but most are for under a new air handler or hot water tank. Many of our customers like the basic blank drain pan without an outlet installed so they can add the drain on the job site. Because we don't weld in our shop this option works well, but we are able to install a basic drain if necessary. The fabrication process for our custom secondary drain pans is rather easy and we can knock them out within 24 hours. Two of the sides are Pittsburgh joints, which we seal with high temperature sealant to make sure the pan is waterproof.

Need a custom secondary drain pan? Go to our contact page and send us an email.

Secondary Drain Pan 

You can see more photos on our fabrication photos or Flickr pages.


Evening Reading: Manufacturing, Simple Banks, Greatest CEO

A few things I've been reading on this grey Wednesday.... Lending, credit quality seen improving which could mean good things for small borrowers in 2013 (Inc.)

Manufacturing may be flippin' the script (Huff Post)

The myth that small business are the job creators (Forbes)

Fed up with banks? Try Simple (NYTimes)

Who is our greatest living CEO (Forbes)

Hotsee Totsee (Bloomberg)


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