How Will Digital Fabrication Affect The Machines of The Future?

3D printed replacement part for a Dewalt saw

3D printed replacement part for a Dewalt saw

Will there ever be a time when machines can heal themselves? Heal may be the wrong word, but there may be a point where digital fabrication could help machines of the future fabricate their own parts.

Yesterday I was watching an extended PandoMonthly interview with Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures and the Both Sides of The Table blog. Mark is a well known venture capitalist who mainly invests in technology companies.  

Near the end of the discussion he mentioned an interview with MIT's director of The Center For Bits and AtomsNeil Gershenfeld on Fareed Zakaria's CNN show. A very interesting look at what the future may hold in regards to 3D printing and digital fabrication.

Watch below: