When The Business Tells You Help is Needed

Finally a minute to reflect after a dizzying few weeks of fabrication.

The company is busy, I am happy and the goal still remains to bust ass into the future. However, when things are crazy and your spinning like a drugged hippie at a Phish concert, you realize help may be needed to keep this torrid pace going forward. Our new technology has been fabulous, cutting fabrication time in half, but sometimes a few warm bodies around to pick up the slack is what you need to get the job done in necessary time. This is the place we find ourselves as a company and it is scary.

The easy part. Recognizing you have a problem.

Now the hard part.

We have been a two man operation for over 20 years, only hiring temp workers here and there. Having a staff of any kind is completely foreign to my father and I, leaving us with many questions moving forward and a tight feeling in our guts. More people means more money, leadership etc.

Payroll tax, health benefits, the interview process, you name it, we need to prepare for it. Figuring out our best path is still something we are mulling over and have been for weeks now. The process will be daunting and scary but I feel like the family is up for the challenge. 

Honestly, we have to be. We need the help if we are going to grow this business past what it has been for the last 20 years and that is something I am striving for. 

Personally, I am not the type to jump into unknown waters, preferring to learn a few things about what may be lurking. I need some data. However, the process will be quickened if the amount of work coming through the doors continues through the rest of the summer and fall. I fully expect it will, so time is of the essence. 

BTW, these are good problems to have as a company in my opinion and they are a far cry from the problems we contended with a few short years ago. 


Posted on August 6, 2013 and filed under Business, Company News, Opinion.