When it Rains, it Pours

After what seemed like an endless summer of dry, scorching heat. September and early October have brought the chilled, damp rains leading to the brilliant colors of a northeast autumn. For the last week there has been a steady dose of sprinkles and short, driving rainstorms. Leaving most of us miserable and wishing for the drought like conditions of June and July. For every deluge of precipitation there is an equal part of humid stillness that resides under a ceiling of clouds. The rains are lingering daily, but not consistent in any real way. You know it's there, it just may not be as heavy as you originally thought. Today I felt as if these conditions were a metaphor for what has been going on in my business for the last few months to a year. The work is there, right in front of us, but for some reason the phone stays silent, mocking me with it's shaded digital screen. And sometimes, just sometimes, there is a cascade of work for a solid week, maybe two, bringing in work from regular and new customers, only to be snatched away for the next two or so weeks. Trying to plan ahead or invest in something that may help grow our micro business becomes difficult. Pulling the trigger is a scary proposition that usually ends up tumbling to the floor like a notched sheet metal scrap.

This particular week, for example, has been stellar with quality orders, good flow of work and some decent quality leads. But will the party last? Can I expect this will continue through the winter or are we destined to be searching for work in the near future. Like anything in this world, only time will tell and we will continue to fabricate the best bespoke sheet metal that local money can buy. But can we count on a bountiful winter? We shall see.

The rains are here now, making up for lost summer watering. However, will the torrent of work and income continue or will Murphy's Law take the reigns of a few years ago. At this point, things are good and my positive mantra's will ring true for the time being. Busy is good.

Let's just hope it continues.

Posted on October 5, 2012 and filed under Micro-Business.