When Business is Slow, Take What You Can Get

Sometimes when business is slow, you find yourself taking jobs that aren't really your M.O. Well, lately business has been slower, so we took one of those jobs this morning. Now, to be clear, the job was hooking up the duct work to the ventilation system for a paint booth. This, in a sense is exacactly what we do and should be no problem. The issues for us were that the application was more commericail, with 18" spiral duct and a system (i.e. ventilation for a paint booth) that we were unfamiliar with. However, we knocked it out in a few hours, the job came out great and we went home paid and happy. All in all a good day for K & E Sheet Metal and a lesson that sometimes doing something you never tried can bring new business opportunities.

Here's a few pics!
Top of The Paint Booth
Connection to Outside Exhaust
Total Project
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