Waitng Out The SBA Loan Approval Process to Revitalize Our Business

Big things are brewing at our tiny little company. The only issues standing in our way is the SBA loan approval process and those dreaded interest rate decisions. We have dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's, waiting for a determination on whether or not our business has a chance to grow via a small business equipment loan. Our dreams are filled with bright sparked plasma, searing through sheet metal in the form of HVAC fittings. The one thing that will literally cut our fabrication times in half and increase revenues in the process.

Our meeting with the bank went well and we hope to hear some answers by tomorrow or early next week. The SBA loan approval process will determine if we can get a couple more years added to the loan, helping us with a lower monthly cost. Once we hear the good word I can get to work on finding someone to pick up the new equipment and selling my ass off so we can get started revitalizing our micro business.

I am very excited and the decision of the bank, if negative, will not deter me. I will find a way to purchase our new plasma table and start going after business we couldn't handle in the past. My frequency of posts and tweets have suffered since beginning the research and loan process because I have been so focused on finding the best fit for our company to grow.

It's been a while since we experienced the waiting game of something like the SBA loan approval process. Granted, it's not a long wait, but more like a tiny child bursting at the seams at 5 a.m. on a snow soaked Christmas morning.

I just want to tear the paper of my shiny new toy.