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Fabricating Nested Sheet Metal Paper Holder

Because we are a small shop and I fabricate mostly by hand ( changing soon ), I am able to accommodate many small, personal requests from many of our customers. Lots of times these are in regards to fabricating shelves and other items for their offices or HVAC service vans. In the past I have made dividers for shelving in a customers truck for PVC and black iron fittings.

This week I received an order for a sheet metal paper holder that would reside on the inside of a van door for contracts and service forms. Honestly, I don't know what they are called exactly, but they are like the nested plastic version you can find at any Staples or Office Depot.

Nested Paper Holder

Nested Paper Holder 2

These kinds of orders help to keep my creative mind working, making the job more enjoyable. I encourage all my customers to bring these types of things my way as long as they have the time. All of these projects are done at the end of the day or on the weekend so as not to take away from our main source of revenue.