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Evening Reads: Robots, Flu and The NFL

Interesting reads on a gorgeous Thursday evening.... #tipsEnergy: Saving on Home Heating Costs (

Our new robotic valet overlords (Wired)

Start a business that fits your idea of having fun (Startup Professionals)

Full text from the U.S. Chamber's annual State of American Business address (U.S. Chamber)

The flu is out of control (NYTimes)

Your guide to the next 150 years (The Reformed Broker)

The future looks bleak for the NFL (Yahoo)


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Evening Reading: Manufacturing, Simple Banks, Greatest CEO

A few things I've been reading on this grey Wednesday.... Lending, credit quality seen improving which could mean good things for small borrowers in 2013 (Inc.)

Manufacturing may be flippin' the script (Huff Post)

The myth that small business are the job creators (Forbes)

Fed up with banks? Try Simple (NYTimes)

Who is our greatest living CEO (Forbes)

Hotsee Totsee (Bloomberg)


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Evening Link List: Apple, Hackers & Tax Credits

A few interesting reads from my afternoon and evening.... Nothing is safe from the hackers of today...including HVAC (Threat Post)

HVAC tax credits have been renewed for 2013 (Service Experts)

Slower rate, but housing prices should continue to rise in 2013 (Calculated Risk)

America's 11th largest tech company is....the ipad? (Apple 2.0)

Shameless plug. Cool video showing the fabrication and assembly of shipping containers (Tin Blog)


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Someone Has a New Vanity Short

Over the last few days you may have noticed that many of our Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin links had a little more K & E panache than ever before. Well, your sharp eye could not be more accurate. Friday I decided to invest in a new short domain for all of our social media short links with the intent of helping to grow our brand as much as possible. For a $40 yearly investment I secured as our new vanity short link. Therefore, when you're perusing our social media pages and see our new link, you can trust that you will be led to our website or a trusted article sent out by my father or I. Who am I kidding...I would be the only one sending anything out :)

My nightly reading has focused more on branding the business and making sure that our web presence is as consistent as possible. The short link is just another step in that direction. We may be just a tiny local HVAC sheet metal fabrication shop in the physical world. However, with the internet, we can be as big as we wanna be, spreading our wings and finding new business wherever it is hiding.

Walking that same line we must keep in mind not to over extend ourselves, losing focus on finding new business and keeping our new investment running at all times. Marketing the business is new territory, so we must keeep things in perspective and not spread ourselves too thin.


Weekend Links: Small Biz Boost, HVAC Blogging, Web Design Tips

A very busy week and some issues Tuesday ( explained here ) kept me from reading other great articles and posts. It was so bad, I even had to throw in a little shameless self promotion. Have a great weekend! Seven Seconds To Make An Impression: Website Design Tips ( Social Tract )

Facebook, NFIB, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announce Boost for Small Businesses ( NFIB )

A Family Business Built on Sheet Metal and Great Service ( Intuit GoPayment Blog )

Will Blogging Work for Your HVAC Business? ( )

Visit our website:

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Weekend Links: Social Media, Google Plus, Mobile HVAC Office

Some light reading from the week. Have a great weekend...

Social media, multi-tasking & ending billable hours (Gigaom)

Mobile Office Changes How HVAC Business Is Done (

9 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Shared on Social Networks (Social Media Examiner)

How a Google Plus1 Button Can Help Power Your Blog (

Why You Should Listen to Warren, Not Buffett (

Why Google+ Will Be the Next Big Thing for Your Business (


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Weekend Links: Buzzing Through A/C Maintenance, Local Search & Manufacturing

Interesting items I read throughout the week...

The Buzz for September 12, 2011 (ACCA Contractor Excellence)

Small US Manufacturers Hold The Future In Their Hands (AJ Sweatt)

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Checklist (Energy Star)

6 Ways To Get The Most From Local Search (Open Forum)

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Should Not Be Ignored (Conditioned Air)

September 2011 Business Outlook Survey (Philadelphia Fed)


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