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Know The Tendencies of Your Customers

Many of our customers have done business with us for years and we appreciate every order they place here at the shop. Part of the reason they come back, besides stellar work, is the fact that I do my best to learn there tendencies and little idiosyncrasies. This does not mean I am at everybody's beck and call 24/7, but I do make an effort to give each and every customer the best service possible. 

Should We Start Accepting Bitcoin?

No, not yet anyway. But does the future hold a serious amount of business being done via Bitcoin? I'm no expert in the ways of Bitcoin by any means and I don't own any that I know of. However, as the internet and online business continue to grow you would have to assume something like Bitcoin is here to stay. Start-ups like Coinbase and others are gaining traction from the venture capital community as we speak.

Posted on August 10, 2013 and filed under Business, Opinion, News.

When The Business Tells You Help is Needed

Finally a minute to reflect after a dizzying few weeks of fabrication.

The company is busy, I am happy and the goal still remains to bust ass into the future. However, when things are crazy and your spinning like a drugged hippie at a Phish concert, you realize help may be needed to keep this torrid pace going forward. Our new technology has been fabulous, cutting fabrication time in half, but sometimes a few warm bodies around to pick up the slack is what you need to get the job done in necessary time. This is the place we find ourselves as a company and it is scary.

Posted on August 6, 2013 and filed under Business, Company News, Opinion.