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New Photos of Our Most Recent Custom Furnace Installation

Over the course of the last few months our fabrication work has been up, while the new construction heating and air conditioning installations have been down. However, the retrofit and change-out of old furnaces has been relatively steady and we are looking for that to continue through the winter. Here are some photos from our most recent replacement of an old oil furnace with a new oil furnace and newly added central air conditioning system.

Below is a photo of a custom transition to fit the new cased coil to the furnace and a new custom reducing vertical 90 elbow. All the joints are sealed and the coil is ready to be hooked up by our technician.

The next photo shows some of the new supply trunk duct and the newly installed return air on the backside of the low boy oil furnace. Because we are working in an older home with many obstacles, the return trunk duct had to be accessed by a new custom 90. Again all the joints are sealed and leveled properly.

Below is a picture of a couple 6" round supply lines that needed to be run through the wall and into the crawl space on the other side.  As usual the runs are sealed, hung securely and leveled.

The next photo is a closer look at the sealing of the 6" round duct and the runs as they enter the tight crawl space. These are typical setups when installing oil furnaces in Warrensburg, NY area, which is roughly 20 to 25 minutes north of our fabrication shop in South Glens Falls, NY.

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