Should You Fire Your Customers?

Should you fire your customers? A question that I had never really thought about until recently. I never realized it was something that could and should be thought about as a business owner. Customers are what keep the business functioning and without them, we have no business. But what about those customers who always want, want, want and never pay, pay, pay? These are the types of customers that fit the fire-able category in regards to my company. These are the customers that whine about everything, expect you to get their order done ASAP and leave it sitting in my shop for days even though they NEEDED IT right away. Do you have these types of people coming into your business regularly?

Money is always an issue with these specific customers and getting payed is almost impossible. They are leaches that need to be dealt with and as business owners we should take it upon ourselves to fire and blacklist them from our shops. They are parasites who find more time to chat you up and act like a friend than to do their duty as business owners and pay their bills.

I have a few customers who make it a point to apologize for not having the money. They will make specific trips to my shop just to tell me these things. Then I will see them at the supply houses paying for items in cash in excess of what is owed to me. Infuriating! All I ask for is an effort of any kind. Talk to me like an adult and maybe we could work something out in regards to payment plans.

My father and I run a very small shop, so creating financing is tough. However, if I knew a longtime customer was trying, then I could find a way to help them. Times are tough and people are going through very rough patches. I understand needing help, but people need to make the effort as well.

The bottom line in my particular shop is this. I don't care what is owed by these particular "customers" because I feel I will never see it. I have asked for it, called, sent statements and nothing is done. Therefore I have to take steps to fire them and make clear I never want to see them in my shop again.

Sell your losers and hold onto your winners. Stock trading 101.

Posted on February 6, 2012 and filed under Customers, Micro-Business, Uncategorized.