No Break In The Heat Or The Slump

The heat here in the Glens Falls, Queensbury area has been scorching for the last two weeks. Not just dry heat either, it's been humid. Which usually means that our phones ring off the hook with people wanting air conditioning as soon as they can get it. This however has not been the case.

In the past when the heat has been this intense, we would be working what seemed like around the clock. People would call in the morning and want air conditioning by evening. Oh how times have changed. The recession has brought new rules to how the game is played. People are accepting the heat more, keeping there finances more in check(which they should) and maybe buying a window unit at Home Depot for $150. In fact, I heard a story from a colleague the other day about a women buying a few of these same units. She actually had central air conditioning, but it wasn't working. She received a couple of shady quotes and decided to buy three new window units, rather than research someone better to fix her already existing air system. This type of attitude does not bode well for business. She was willing to pay upwards of $500 for supplemental air conditioning instead of paying a reputable service man. She went with the guys working on the side who have basic knowledge, but not full knowledge. You know, the ones who are doing $3000 jobs for $1000. Undercutting guys like us. It makes business very challenging and hard to keep alive.

Heat or no heat, business has changed and so have the customers. I have learned a lot from the last two years of recession. Most of which is not to under appreciate the boom times, like they'll be there forever. Times are still a bit rocky but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Those same people getting work done for 1/4 of a fair price will be calling when their systems break down from faulty installation. When they call, we'll be ready. Business is business and you have to adapt to everything daily. Now we must make a more concerted effort to search out consistent business. Get our name out there and show that we do a great job, for a great price and we stand behind our work.

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Posted on July 18, 2010 and filed under Air Conditioning, Heating.