Need Sheet Metal Tools? Check Out This Blog Post About Our Store

K & E Sheet Metal is a local micro business through and through. All of our customers are local and have been doing business here for years, needing custom sheet metal work for residential applications. However, with social networking, the ease and low cost of the internet trying to branch out and find other business is enticing. That is why a few months ago we became Amazon Associates and opened an astore to sell tools and items pertaining to our line of work. We receive a small commission on the sales that originate from our page and the links we send out on social networking sites.This is something we wanted to do locally, but the upfront cost and space needed for a bricks and mortar store like this would be too much for us to take on.

The setup and function of the store is easy and we can add links to our websites and send deals or good products we have used out on twitter. In reality, this is a small step in trying to branch out, but sometimes just giving it a try is half the battle. We hope to learn if this is something that is even worth our time or if we should just stick to what works.

If you are in HVAC industry or just a small outfit that needs sheet metal hand tools or products, check out the store! Also, if there are any products you think we should add and promote, let us know in the comments section. All comments are welcome. Click on the screenshot below to see the store.

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Posted on August 23, 2011 and filed under Cooling, HVAC.