My Attempt at Gaining New, Local Twitter Followers

Recently I have been trying to gain a more local twitter following and figured it was time to go gorilla style. Because my sheet metal shop is located in a giant building, off the road and coupled with 50 or so other renting businesses, it's not like I can just throw a sign in the window for passers by to see. So today I came up with the economical idea to throw a sign on the back of my truck toolbox with our twitter handle and see if we get any (in the know) local twitter users. I have noticed that some local businesses follow us on twitter, but not individuals who would actually use our services and become customers.

Our business base is very local and the newspaper in the area is losing readership daily, so finding new ways to reach out and advertise is becoming difficult. I figure if we can get some people following, we can show them what we do via the twitter feed, website or blog and find those younger couples and individuals that need new furnaces, duct work and/or custom sheet metal work for their homes or offices.

We shall see if anyone actually gives us a follow or if I need to tweak my idea a bit further. Only time will tell.

Feedback is always welcome. So if you have any suggestions on how I can better my local twitter following idea, please comment and let me know.

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Posted on September 21, 2011 and filed under Micro-Business.