Moving The Company Blog to Wordpress

Today we moved our company blog to WordPress. The new blog address is and the new name for the blog is Knockin' Tin. The main reason for the change was simply to try and keep the web address more consistent with our website address I have used and loved blogger for awhile now, but the process for adding the Blogspot domain to a sub-domain was more difficult then just adding the Wordpress plugin to my already existing hosting account. Honestly, if I had done my homework, I could have done the Wordpress thing right form the start.

I am still adding things and learning the in's and out's of WordPress,but I have imported all older posts and added links for RSS and email subscriptions. I will be posting one last time on Blogger to update the change and will leave that blog up for a few months. Otherwise, all posts will be here on the new company blog Knockin' Tin. Enjoy!

Posted on August 8, 2011 and filed under Uncategorized.