Hoping For A Cold Winter

A/C season was a joke for us. Upstate New York had one of the coolest summers that I can remember. I only turned my air conditioning on, maybe two times this summer. That doesn't help anyone in the A/C business. Luckily we also have the fabrication shop to keep us productive. Things have stayed rather steady for us fabrication wise. Some of our old customers have returned and things are going well.

A cold winter is what we need to get the ball rolling again. Furnace change-outs are one of our main sources of business. Because we have the fab shop, there is a short turn around time for custom metal. The company can get 3-4 change-outs done a week. You have to remember, we are a small company. My father and myself, that's a good week for us.

It's tough to grow a company without consistent business, obviously. A cold winter, with some consistent orders and jobs would get us back on track to complete these goals. For now, we'll do what needs to be done. If the housing market has finally bottomed, there's hope for some work trickling our way spring of next year. Today, I cross my fingers for a chilly winter.

Posted on October 30, 2009 and filed under Uncategorized.