A Work in Progress

For maybe the 200th time since I started running a website/blog for the company I have gone ahead and changed the entire setup. Moving the site from a scratch coded monstrosity, to a smooth running Wordpress version that's effortless to update and supremely easier to read and navigate. The biggest problem is the amount of work I created for myself in the process of these undertakings. Seeing that we are a two person company and a single computer literate, the odds are stacked that I, the younger fabricator, will be the one running anything with the words, online or website.

So the new kesheetmetal.com is easier to navigate with everything finally residing inside the same site. No more venturing into the outer reaches of the internet to find our blog or photos page. Thanks to the wonders of Wordpress themes, I have found a way to keep everything in house. This however takes time. A lot of time. Therefore the current website is a work in progress with daily changes and updates to many of the existing pages and ones that will follow. We thank you for your patience and please visit the website and blog often to see what's new.

The web is a great place to find a new and growing customer base no matter what industry you work in or how local you are. With everyone carrying a computer in their pocket these days, finding companies on the internet is easier than it ever was. Having a quality presence online is a must have asset in the business environment we work in today. Even for a couple solitary tin knockers, tucked away in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Glens Falls, NY.


Posted on September 19, 2012 and filed under Micro-Business.