KESM echo #1: Time to Make Things Count

Day 1 of the K & E Sheet Metal (KESM) echo. Why? Sticking to what the website is about. Our company, the day to day, learning, teaching and hopefully a little joy. Time to make this thing count.

Which leads me to the numbering. I am BIG Aaron James Draplin fan. If you don't know then educate. You won't be sorry.

Mr. Draplin numbers his tweets so they all have a special meaning. He wants to make them count. I won't be going complete plagiarist but, I will be numbering the company posts here to make them count.

From The Globe and Mail:

It’s unsurprising that Draplin numbers every tweet to assure that each one has a special meaning; he is a person who takes care of every little detail. That’s also why his Field Notes notebooks are so popular: Their meticulous details make their owners want to be equally meticulous.

Everything about this company is special. Time to stop taking it for granted.  


Sticking with the theme above I will be nixing the CEO blog starting tonight. You can check out my personal blog if you like. Much appreciated. Will probably cross post a lot of stuff. I want to keep a personality to this blog as well. 


Writing Tunes: 

The Black Keys - Rubber Factory

Oh, the lengths I will go. I enjoy the archives and his style of documenting company/life movement. Inspiring. This may look similar. All of the best music is a tribute to what came before. We emulate. We learn from the greats.

Posted on August 29, 2015 and filed under Archive, Company News.