Business or Personal?

I have a couple blogs, one for myself (which I have not updated in a while) and the one you are currently reading.


When I originally set up the accounts I felt separation was warranted because why would I want people on the business side having to deal with anything from my personal life and vice versa. Plus, keeping personal and business life separate seems logical.

However, after looking at my accounts recently I realized that except for a few profanity ridden tirades in regards to my favorite sporting franchises, the majority of my comments pertain to business or something in the ballpark, minus some personal friend tweets. Then I thought, my life is this business, it's all I think about or do on a daily basis. I'm the K for goodness sake, so shouldn't this blog reflect what the K does day in and day out regarding business and how it affects myself or the family? I feel like I try to do just that, but maybe it's not interesting enough for a casual reader.

So should I consolidate everything onto this site? Make an effort to bring more personality of my own to the blog instead of trying to keep it as PC as possible? Do people only want to know about your business when they come to your company blog or are they looking for something real, warts and all? As a reader, I feel like as long as what I'm reading is interesting it doesn't really matter. Obviously the core of this blog is what goes on in and around our family business, the HVAC metal industry and our customers. But as humans, there is more to me and us as a family.

Yes, I am the only one who actually writes the blog, but does that mean I should only post things having to do with business, personal views and the metal industry or can I throw a little flavor in now and then? The goal is to find readers and ultimately customers who we retain as a growing business. And yes, ultimately I am going to post what I want, but asking the masses is always an option, which I choose to enact in this case.

So what do you think? Should I only post business related topics or should I open the borders up a bit?

Leave your answers in the comments section. Thanks for your help!