Should We Start Accepting Bitcoin?


No, not yet anyway. But does the future hold a serious amount of business being done via Bitcoin? I'm no expert in the ways of Bitcoin by any means and I don't own any that I know of. However, as the internet and online business continue to grow you would have to assume something like Bitcoin is here to stay. Start-ups like Coinbase and others are gaining traction from the venture capital community as we speak.

Let's be honest, most of money is just numbers on a screen anyway. The tangible form of currency has been changing for centuries. Money used to be cattle or physical wheat, then coins and bills, now a transaction with a plastic card or your mobile phone. How much cash do you really deal with on a daily basis anyway? Bitcoin doesn't sound so crazy when you really think about it.

My father and I run a very local small business so cash does change hands much of the time. However, the amount of credit cards or PayPal transactions has increased over the last few years and we deal with a lot of internet challenged customers. The amount of young people who do everything on the web are increasing and they will soon be your customer base.

Accepting Bitcoin might not be a near future method of transaction but I wouldn't discount the way things are trending. 


Posted on August 10, 2013 and filed under Business, Opinion, News.