Squarespace the Magnificent


If there is a such thing as web hiatus then I have been on it for the last few months, having really posted nothing to the web blog or much on the twitter. This is not because I have lost the passion for business or have become frustrated with social media. On the contrary, I have realized the power and I need to have it! 

Plus, with the addition of our new equipment business has picked up and the shop has been extremely busy, leaving little time to keep up with things. 

The bottom line was we needed a change after gaining data on what was going on with our current website.  Out with the old, in with the new.

Let me calm the drama

I loved the previous website, having built it with Wordpress over the course of a couple months before we invested heavily in the business. Along with the website came more focus on marketing, Google Adwords in particular for promoting the business online. I hired a fantastic company, Flourish Digital Strategy, to take care of the campaign and all things marketing. The relationship has been great and things online are really starting to pickup.

However, after seeing results I noticed some things about the website that seemed a bit overkill and could maybe be scaled back. I wanted to simplify the site, making it easier to navigate with clearer information for customers to digest and easily get in touch with us. 

The sad part being Wordpress is difficult for me to easily change without substantial time and with business growing, getting busy, my time is stretched. I needed something easy and powerful to get the new website up and running quickly. 

Enter Squarespace

Just let me say right off the bat, I have no affiliation with Squarespace what so ever.

The product is magnificent!

I transferred, built pages, you name it in half the time it would have taken with Wordpress. I have tried multiple "site builders" in the past and they all blow. This one literally blew me away!

I wouldn't even disrespect Squarespace by calling it a site builder at all. Its a website creation machine with all the bells and whistles you could need to get anything from a basic to intense website up in no time. The ability to quickly and easily make changes will help me immensely considering most of my time is spent fabricating custom sheet metal for many satisfied customers.

I would recommend the service for any small business who is looking to build a quality website.