Building Company Culture From The Ground Up

I read a lot of blogs, books and articles on business. How to run a business, best practices etc. I never went to business school or haven't taken any type of business courses online or other. My knowledge comes from the trenches, being in the thick of the day to day, realizing your business is stagnant and on the verge of either closing or outright failure. Learning from your mistakes on a daily basis.

A year ago I took the reins of my father and I's company to see where we could go with a little change. Since that time we have invested in new equipment and a new attitude toward the business in general. We have reinvested in the company, doing our best to change the culture of how the business runs today and in the future.

There's that word.....culture.

Culture is a common theme in many of those readings I mentioned at the beginning. Something we have never focused on because honestly, the business has always consisted of my father and I. The culture was family, getting the job done, making sure there was money in the bank to pay the bills. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not really a culture basis for bringing more people and personalities on board to help out.

However, as I have taken over the business I'm realizing that in order to be a successful company, culture is something we need to grow into the future. Even though I have read about the benefits many times, I never thought it was for us, being such a small company. Culture was for the Google's of the world, not the micro business's like K & E Sheet Metal.

This, of course, is not true. Culture is something everyone needs to keep on the same page and build a positive experience. Something that can keep employees happy to work for you, helping the brand grow. Companies with a great culture have people who want to work for them because they show a respect for their employees with a caring that focuses not on the individual, but the team as a whole to get the job done well.

Obviously, the flip side is a bad culture, which is also very common in many business's. This is something I hope to avoid as the leader of our company. I want to create a culture where people are excited to come and work for me, telling their friends and family how great a place K & E Sheet Metal is to work for.

My next few posts on this blog will focus on the kind of culture I want to build for the people who will help to grow this company. Our business is over 20 years old, but we have changed and that change feels like we are reborn a start-up. The slate is clean, leaving much room for my father and I to steer the ship in the proper direction.


Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under The Company, Business.