Building Company Culture From The Ground Up

I read a lot of blogs, books and articles on business. How to run a business, best practices etc. I never went to business school or have taken any type of business courses online or other. My knowledge comes from the trenches, being in the thick of realizing your business is stagnant and on the verge of either closing or outright failure. Learning from your mistakes on a daily basis.

Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under The Company, Business.

Informative, In Depth Look at How Bitcoin Works

The world of Bitcoin interests and confuses me all at the same time. Even to the point of asking if offering it as a payment method to my customers was a good idea. I'm not sure yet and after watching this very informative/confusing video explanation, I'm feeling like I have a lot more research to do before really accepting Bitcoin. 

Posted on October 8, 2013 and filed under Technology, The Web, Video.

Create Different Sidebars For Multiple Blogs in Squarespace 6

I am not a coder or web designer by any means, hence gravitating to a great service like Squarespace. I do have some basic HTML and CSS skills however, which have helped me create and keep up the company website over the years while using Blogger and Wordpress.

Many times problems have come up and I have done my best to deal with them on the fly. When a problem comes up regarding simple code I can troubleshoot and find a solution before long, but my skills are limited. When I can't deduce what the hell is happening, I do what most do and take to the Google machine. 


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1932 Photo of Louisville Slugger Factory

I really like old photo's like the one of this Lousville Slugger factory in 1932. Seeing the tools, the way the work rooms are set up and the fashion for a worker back in the day is very interesting. Also, the bricks of the building and the windows are fey similar to the building our fabrication shop is now housed. The architecture of these old factory buildings is really cool.

Hello World!

I have written a blog of some kind for the last few years. One for the company, a few different iterations of personal blogs, with most just completely failing or boredom setting in. I have been frustrated with keeping two blogs, personal and business, separate for the last couple years. Therefore, I have decided to consolidate my blogging to one site with two different blogs. One for work and one for personal.

Posted on October 2, 2013 .