What The Hell Do I Call This Thing?

My business is fabrication of sheet metal for the HVAC market. This is how I've made a living for roughly 18 years and I don't see changes coming anytime soon, even though I've had aspirations. 

Thing is, I have many other interests as well, including blogging. Whether or not I'm a natural born blogger remains to be seen because I've always had trouble telling my story. I envy the people who can just tell it like it is. They have an innate ability to communicate things how they see them, unfiltered for the world to judge. 

My goal with this blog is to tell my story and our story on the company blog when necessary. For now I will more than likely post on this "personal" blog for which I'm having a problem.

There is a battle going on in my mind about what the hell to title this blog. I'm the CEO of the company but, there is only two of us here, with family members helping when necessary. The CEO moniker seems a little overblown.

I could stick with Kevin Raymond's blog, which is what I had yesterday until changing it to CEO today. Maybe I should create a name relative to my position and what I do? 

After all, my life is the company. I may not want to admit this fact to myself but, it's true. Yes, I enjoy many other things but, my life revolves around how the company works going forward. Depression and anxiety issues aside, this is where I belong. 

Now I have to make it work.

Ultimately, what the blog is called is irrelevant. What content goes on the pages day to day is what really matters. My goal is to make it as interesting as possible. I want to show my work passions along with personal passions .

I think it's gonna be a fun ride. Come on and join me!

Posted on August 20, 2015 and filed under Blogging, Personal, The Company.