My Twitter Ad Trial Has Begun!


 Today I started our first Twitter ad campaign for the business.

Why you may ask?

Well. To be perfectly honest curiosity played a big part along with the fact we have had good luck with Google Adwords. I realize they are completely different, but what twitter lacks in search I feel like it could be made up for in engagement.  

When someone clicks an ad on Google you hope they engage on your website and buy. However, on Twitter, you pay for the follower but have more access to them in the long run. Granted, you have to keep their attention but they have a face and a twitter handle you can chat with. You don't get that with Google.  

The same is true of Facebook I would have to assume. I have not gone that route yet but it is an option as my next trial.  

The twitter experiment will last a month and we'll see if it continues after going through the data. Keep ya posted.

Fingers crossed.  



Posted on May 3, 2014 and filed under The Company, Business.