I Had an Editorial Goal For My Blog. It Hasn't Worked. Here's Why:

Everything I've ever read about running and/or writing a successful blog explains you should have an editorial schedule to keep posting consistently, helping to avoid blogger burnout.

I recently read Blogging For Your Business by Mark Hayward (no affiliation) which had great insight on running a successful blog for your company. Having a good blogging schedule was one of the main points of the book.

A few weeks ago I put together a rough schedule of when I would have time to write blog posts and what the focus of those posts would be.

My schedule was simple:

First off, I would set aside 1 1/2 hours to complete my post starting at 4;30pm on the weekdays and mornings on Saturday. 

Monday: Each post would focus on sheet metal fabrication tips I have learned over the years, with photos and videos down the road.

Wednesday: A tutorial post for HVAC professionals who find sheet metal fabrication to be daunting. Basically showing some simple ways to fabricate stock items and custom pieces I fabricated here in the shop.

Friday: I get lots of questions from customers throughout the week and these posts would try and focus on answering those questions.

Saturday: The weekend post would be for telling our story of how the business started, problems we've faced, successes we've had etc. up till the present. 

I felt the time set aside for crafting each blog post would be more than enough, even on a bad day. I had already figured in hold ups I may have with post ideas, so I began carrying a notebook to keep ideas for titles. Everything seemed so simple.

However, my ambition got the best of me

A few problems:

1. Blogger burnout set in quickly

I did not realize how quickly blogger block would set in. Finding and getting ideas for posts was not as easy as I thought it would be. Granted, I am not a writer by trade, but I really thought coming up with something to say would be much easier. Especially with a whole day in between posts. Boy, do those days vanish quickly.

2. My frequency of of posting was a tad ambitious

Four posts a week was waaaaaay too ambitious for someone who has been blogging, but not on a consistent basis. My goals should have been within reason regarding frequency of posting. Knocking down the schedule to a few times per week will make it easier to create quality posts.

3. Blogging in the afternoon was a bad idea

After a long day of work it's hard to get your thoughts together. Waiting until later in the evening or finding time in the morning would be more beneficial for me. The shop is only run by two people so responsibility tends to add up. The afternoon was a bad idea. 

4. Too strict of a topic schedule

I want to have a consistent blogging schedule, but being set to specific topics is too constricting. Keeping things a little more open should help me be more consistently creative. Having those rough topics as starting points is good, but keeping only those topics would ultimately make the blog a bore to read.

My goals haven's changed, I want company blog to be successful and help people understand what we do. Not to mention, hopefully bringing in some extra business along the way. 

Back to the drawing board. 

Learning from people who have done something successfully is a great thing and everyone should take the time to do so. However, everyone does things differently, so ultimately it's up to the individual to create something that works for them.


Posted on November 11, 2013 and filed under Business, The Company, Blogging.