Hello World!

I have written a blog of some kind for the last few years. One for the company, a few different iterations of personal blogs, with most just completely failing or boredom setting in. I have been frustrated with keeping two blogs, personal and business, separate for the last couple years. Therefore, I have decided to consolidate my blogging to one site with two different blogs. One for work and one for personal.   

So why two blogs? Well, my life pretty much revolves the company now that I've decided to make the effort to grow the business over the next five years. But that doesn't mean I don't have other thoughts and interests in my day to day life and I needed an outlet, but not too much of an outlet.

The majority of posts on my old personal blog were regarding business, the economy etc. Not far off from what I usually post on the company blog. However, there are times when I have thoughts or ideas on entertainment, sports etc. and I don't feel like those things belong on the company blog. 

So today I decided to create my own blog here on the K & E website, giving me the ability be myself and to post ideas that are my own and not the opinion of my father or anyone else involved with the business. I will still be adding content to the company blog, but with some things migrating over to this blog as well. 

I hoe you enjoy both blogs and remember, if yo need any HVAC fabrication of any kind, K & E Sheet Metal is where you want to be!


Posted on October 2, 2013 .