Cespedes For The Rest of Us!!

Time for me to start Instagramming the shit out things in the very near future. Yes, slightly behind the curve. Maybe I should move my efforts to the likes of Snapchat. 

⚾️ Yoenis Cespedes (@ynscspds) is a golden God!! Three HR's to help the Mets defeat the Rockies 14-9

The Comma Queen is bad-ass!! 

Interview with the hackers of Ashley Madison

There is blood in the street!! Sounds familiar. 

You never know what you have till it's gone. My helper/assembler in the fabrication shop is on the DL. Just me, myself and I in the shop for the next few days 😟

Song of the day: 

My Magnaball Has Been Hacked!

Good Friday morning Upstate NY! I'm bummed because I was supposed to be Magnaballin' this weekend. My trip thwarted by adult responsibility :(

The Mets had an off day last night but still picked up a game.....Let's Go Met's Go!!


Mr. Robot is a fabulous show. I love how bat-shit insane the main character is. The hacking part is cool to. 

Are you a Natural Born Blogger

No lie. This is my new jam.  

I own shares of Twitter and I'm stickin' to them.  

Enjoy the day!!


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What The Hell Do I Call This Thing?

My business is fabrication of sheet metal for the HVAC market. This is how I've made a living for roughly 18 years and I don't see changes coming anytime soon, even though I've had aspirations. 

Thing is, I have many other interests as well, including blogging. Whether or not I'm a natural born blogger remains to be seen because I've always had trouble telling my story. I envy the people who can just tell it like it is. They have an innate ability to communicate things how they see them, unfiltered for the world to judge. 

My goal with this blog is to tell my story and our story on the company blog when necessary. For now I will more than likely post on this "personal" blog for which I'm having a problem.

There is a battle going on in my mind about what the hell to title this blog. I'm the CEO of the company but, there is only two of us here, with family members helping when necessary. The CEO moniker seems a little overblown.

I could stick with Kevin Raymond's blog, which is what I had yesterday until changing it to CEO today. Maybe I should create a name relative to my position and what I do? 

After all, my life is the company. I may not want to admit this fact to myself but, it's true. Yes, I enjoy many other things but, my life revolves around how the company works going forward. Depression and anxiety issues aside, this is where I belong. 

Now I have to make it work.

Ultimately, what the blog is called is irrelevant. What content goes on the pages day to day is what really matters. My goal is to make it as interesting as possible. I want to show my work passions along with personal passions .

I think it's gonna be a fun ride. Come on and join me!

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Evening Thoughts

The Mets win! DeGrom making it look easy again. Orioles make it interesting late but the Amazins' hold on. 

I started binge watching True Detective Season 2 on HBO. No spoiler. Vince Vaughn is great.....in many other roles. 

This is my song of the day! Here's the YouTube link in case you don't Spotify. And I like the album cover as well. 


I find myself using my iPhone 6 plus for absolutely everything. Including this entire blog post.  

This is the best take on Amazon's "suffering" workers I have read so far. 

I'm realizing as I write this, at 11:50 pm, the evening has far surpassed me. Maybe I should start putting together my "evening" post a little earlier. 


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When Personal Issues Lead to Destruction

I do my best to leave personal issues outside the fabrication shop. However, when you run a business with your family and a helper, things are harder to keep only to yourself.

This past year, for me, has been wrought with emotional personal issues that have taken my focus away from the one thing I wanted to achieve. The one thing I intensely focused on over the course of 2013 and 2014, running and growing a successful business. 

None of what I have experienced this year is anything different from what anyone else in this world goes though. Heartbreak, depression, anxiety. All things we experience daily whether we know it or not. The problems arise when all of it starts to trump what is important; what I decided years ago was going to be my focus. 

We get sidetracked as humans. Problems and stresses in our everyday start gaining on the stuff that is truly important to us as individuals. We forget about ourselves, leave our self-respect at the door and forget that life is about experiencing. Life is truly about making ourselves happy inside.

I have lost who I was, what made me happy and what could ultimately make me successful. I forgot about the things I enjoyed and why I decided business was fun for me in the first place. The reasons for therapy and working on being more assertive was so I, as an individual, could be happy with what I was doing, for me.

I give too much of myself. I let things bother me, which can lead to depression and feelings of inadequacy as a person, business owner and boss. We all go through the same things, it doesn't matter if you're the CEO, a parent, a student, rich or poor. We all have to deal with what's in our hearts, our minds and our souls.

We are all unique and exactly the same in so many different ways.   

My company is family first, business second. We are here to help as much as we are here to make a living. This year I've let some people down with my mental absence from what is important. The embarrassment kept me from being honest with others and myself. Because of this we all suffered, I suffered, the company suffers. I forgot what was important, what I focused on and the goal is to get it back. 

Some of these important people in my life probably aren't even aware I lost it. 

The point is, I have, and it's weighing on me. Weighing on the company and will destroy what we have built so far if things are kept in check. Writing this out is a way for me to see a truth I've been hiding from myself for a while now. A truth that will teach as much as it will hurt. 

I've been lost. The goal is finding myself and the identity of this company before it's too late. Before things get out of control and can't be put back in the box. 


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My 2014 Kentucky Derby Picks

Here are the 3 horses I will be placing hard earned money on this afternoon.

As I tweeted earlier this week...https://twitter.com/kevraymond/status/461886645990469633 

I am a sucker for anything Curlin. Therefore, as the first pick in the 2014 Kentucky Derby draft I will be going with Ride on Curlin!  


With the second pick in the 2014 Kentucky Derby draft I will be selecting the boringly named Medal Count.


And bringing up the rear will be a delicious choice and one who I think could make some noise....Candy Boy! 


Please be aware that I bet for price and not on favorites. Although some of my exotics may include California Chrome.


My Twitter Ad Trial Has Begun!


 Today I started our first Twitter ad campaign for the business.

Why you may ask?

Well. To be perfectly honest curiosity played a big part along with the fact we have had good luck with Google Adwords. I realize they are completely different, but what twitter lacks in search I feel like it could be made up for in engagement.  

When someone clicks an ad on Google you hope they engage on your website and buy. However, on Twitter, you pay for the follower but have more access to them in the long run. Granted, you have to keep their attention but they have a face and a twitter handle you can chat with. You don't get that with Google.  

The same is true of Facebook I would have to assume. I have not gone that route yet but it is an option as my next trial.  

The twitter experiment will last a month and we'll see if it continues after going through the data. Keep ya posted.

Fingers crossed.  



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I Had an Editorial Goal For My Blog. It Hasn't Worked. Here's Why:

Everything I've ever read about running and/or writing a successful blog explains you should have an editorial schedule to keep posting consistently, helping to avoid blogger burnout.

I recently read Blogging For Your Business by Mark Hayward (no affiliation) which had great insight on running a successful blog for your company. Having a good blogging schedule was one of the main points of the book.

A few weeks ago I put together a rough schedule of when I would have time to write blog posts and what the focus of those posts would be.

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